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Configuration management in the clouds

When spinning up compute instances in the cloud, a proper and fully automated configuration management is a key success factor. I usually use Ansible for the job as it’s open source and widely adopted. But when it comes to highly volatile cloud infrastructure with instances spinning up and terminating on demand, configuration management systems utilizing a control master (like Ansible, Puppet or SaltStack) can be cumbersome.

Logstash: Geoip resolution using a REST api

Logstash comes pre-packaged with a geoip filter plugin and a Maxmind Geolite2 database. But when running Logstash in a container environment, updating the bundled database can be a hazzle. If you need geoip lookups in other systems, a rest service is the perfect fit to deliver consistent geoip data.

Logstash: exporting custom metrics to Prometheus

Logstashs regular expression engine Grok is the swiss army knife when it comes to mine gold in your logfiles. Besides pure log enrichment, metric gathering of log data is a common requirement. Unfortunately Logstash is lacking a native solution to export custom metrics to Prometheus. In this post, I’ll walk you through a solution utilizing the graphite-exporter as an adapter.